McDonald’s Launches Chicken Sandwich T-Shirts!


McDonald’s knows how to attract customers. The fast food restaurant has decided to release a new burger with sweatshirts in the United States.

McDonald’s continues to innovate in order to attract customers. For this, the fast food restaurant is focusing on marketing and has chosen to give people small gifts for the release of a new burger.

McDonald’s is once again pleasing its followers. Fast food finds many ways to keep up with the times and attract as many customers as possible. Thus, in recent months, the franchise has offered organic products in Happy Meals and has eliminated plastic straws.

McDo therefore seems to want to be more respectful towards the planet. Customers can also recently find vegetarian options. These small intentions above all make it possible to meet the demands of increasingly concerned customers. However, fast food relies mainly on new products.

For example, in France, McDonald’s fans were able to taste a brand new burger. The brand has released the Chicken Avocado, which is not unanimous. A few days after its release, many followers found that the burger did not meet their expectations. For them, the lawyer is… nonexistent.

Fast food is therefore experiencing a few missteps, but fans are still flocking to restaurants. It must be said that in the United States, McDonald’s relies heavily on communication and marketing to attract more and more customers. So, for the release of a new burger, he offers them little gifts.

McDonald’s Is Launching New Chicken Sandwich Sweatshirts!


McDonald’s owe it to themselves to communicate a lot when it comes to new burgers. Thus, in the United States, the fast food has chosen to release a brand new crispy chicken burger. It is called the “Crispy Chicken Sandwich” and customers who want to try it will have a nice surprise.

Indeed, for the release of this burger, McDo has chosen to launch a limited edition of hoodies valued at $ 5. The offer begins Thursday, February 18, and customers also receive the sweatshirt, a song and the new burger. A great offer which should therefore appeal to fans of fast food.

“We’re happy to give fans access to this sandwich with an exclusive sweater that they can’t get elsewhere,” said David Tovar, McDonald’s US vice president of communications. So what do these rare new sweatshirts really look like?

On the hoodie, fans will be able to see a huge cartoon burger that is none other than the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. There is a little slogan with “crispyjuicytender” to put the burger a little more forward. Then, fans will find a song about the sandwich produced by Tay Keith. However, at this time, the offer is only valid in the United States. We will therefore have to wait to see if this famous burger will ever arrive in France.