McDonald’s: how to eat really inexpensively at fast food?


McDonald’s is one of the favorite fast food places for young people. So, there are a few tips to reduce the cost of your order.

McDonald’s is still a huge success in France. Young people as well as families love to go there and there are a few tips to lower the price of the bill.

In recent years, McDonald’s has gone to great lengths to keep its customers happy. For several years now, fast food has been trying to catch up with the times and has offered a few organic products. So you can have organic fruit in your children’s Happy Meals. Then, the franchise also eliminated plastic straws.

Then, after the chicken burgers, McDonald’s introduced some vegetarian menus. Something to satisfy everyone, then, and the chain continues to innovate. Not long ago, the restaurant released the Chiken Avocado, although it hasn’t won over fans. Indeed, some have found that the burger was missing a lot of avocado.

McDonald’s offers several types of menus at different prices. However, the bill can quickly go up if you go with your family. So, there are some very simple tips to cut costs in fast food. Anyone can set them up and have a good burger for the price!

First of all, in order to pay less for your menu, you must first of all not jump into new things. As the Barbanews site explains, McDo is carrying out a major communication campaign on its new products. Thus, the new menus are generally more expensive. However, some burgers have no more nutrients than the old ones.


Then, McDonald’s offers all-inclusive menus for a certain price. However, know that you can choose your products in detail. So if you don’t want to eat fries or have a drink, you’ll pay a little less for your burger. A good tip that will also allow you to compose your meal as you wish.

Finally, if you go to a fast food restaurant with your family, be aware that it is possible not to have the toys in the Happy Meal. As our colleagues echoed, it will reduce your menus if your children do not want to have the toys. Of course, adults can also fall for a Happy Meal without a toy!

Then, instead of ordering at the kiosk or at the counter, know that you can buy your menus through the McDonald’s app. The advantage? Reduce your menus as much as possible since there are many promotions. All these tips to put in place should help you have a good burger on the cheap.

Are you demanding and want the best burger on your plate? Don’t hesitate to remove the ingredients you don’t care about in your burger. This will allow you to have a nice hot sandwich that has just been made. Indeed, the others are prepared in advance …


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