McDonald’s: Happy Meal is not given the same name!


Happy Meal is still a McDonald’s staple, right? Note that in Quebec in Canada, this children’s menu has a different name …

Children lick their chops just at the thought of devouring a Happy Meal. Indeed, the McDonald’s children’s menu always convinces toddlers. However, a child in Canada will not know what you are talking to them by presenting them with a Happy Meal. Indeed, the latter has a completely different name in Quebec.

Well, McDonald’s has not finished surprising us. Indeed, if we know that the restaurant chain has its variations around the world, we thought there was a consensus.

Thus, in Canada, the name of the children’s menu is not the same as the one in France. At least, in Quebec, a region in which everyone wants to speak French as they should.

As we know, Quebecers campaign for the maintenance of their beautiful language of Molière. In fact, most anglicisms are prohibited, as is the case with the many films in their Quebec version.

Also, we will rather say “shop” than “go shopping”, as we like to do in France. In their eyes, it is even rather curious that we still use words from the language of Shakespeare.

Including at McDonald’s, our French-speaking friends from Canada have changed the name of their dishes. Partly a must-have for children: the Happy Meal.

McDonald’s: The Happy Meal menu is not called the same in Canada!


In Quebec, therefore, no one says “Happy Meal” to order a children’s menu. It’s a whole different term, very Frenchy that we prefer, and we will look at you askance otherwise.

It is therefore under the name of “Happy Feast” that the children’s menu is presented. A much less classy term than the one we’ve liked to say since we were little kids every time our parents take us to McDonald’s.

Denyzee fans on YouTube had already seen that this was what the feast was called in his videos. This did not prevent McDonald’s France from reporting it to us on their Twitter page this day!

“It’s very good like that,” said a Quebecois Twitter user proudly in response to this message. ” In Quebec. Not elsewhere in the rest of Canada, ”he explains. “When will your terminology be francized in France? “.

Finally, this kind of quirk is not the only one nor the first to denote. We also know that it is possible to order poutine to enhance your meal. As for the P’tit Wrap, it is called “Wrap-Éclair”!

In Australia, the McDonald’s restaurant chain has a different nickname. Our friends from Oceania nickname it “Macca” and it’s even the official term that pops up on the Australian site!

As you also know, each country has its specialty on the map. For example, we have an Mc Ebi, a shrimp sandwich in Japan or a taro turnover in China.


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