McDonald’s, Fenty and Netflix take action against racism!


McDonald’s, Fenty and Netflix … All these big companies are mobilizing against racism after the death of George Floyd.

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, many companies have taken action against racism. This is the case with McDonald’s, Fenty and Netflix.

“I’m not breathing anymore, I’m suffocating, stop …” was the last sentence spoken by George Floyd, an African American choked during a police check in Minneapolis.

These poignant words have marked the whole world. And for good reason ! The video filmed live has therefore toured social networks.

Many have therefore called for injustice. The stars have also expressed their anger on the web. And that’s not all !

Several companies have also decided to join the fight against racism! This is the case with McDonald’s, Fenty. Or Netflix, Nike, General Motors, Amazon and H & M…

Fenty, Rihanna’s brand, therefore decided to make a commitment by closing the stores for a day. This is what Grégoire Mialet, president of a marketing consulting firm, revealed.


“We saw fashion brands close stores all day. Fenty, and H&M for example. To say: the black community is a very important community. ”

A rare thing in the United States! “This is a sensitive subject because the racial question is glaring. But there, something has changed. And this is due to the accumulation of racist events in the United States. And the strength of what happened on May 25. ”

“The video of the arrest of George Floyd shocked everyone and caused a very strong emotion. Brands must respond to this emotion and position themselves. ”

McDonald’s, Fenty and Netflix and so many other brands are “extremely powerful players in society. Grégoire Mialet then finishes:

“They cannot remain completely silent in the face of events that arouse such a high level of emotion in the world. The consumer is himself more and more activist. It expects concrete actions from brands. “


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