McDonald’s Employee Unveils Evidence of Pokemon Happy Meal 2022 Toys


Fast food chain McDonald’s has a long history of collaboration in the field of video games, especially in relation to its Happy Meals. Adding a toy from an upcoming video game to McDonald’s Happy Meal is a rare promotional opportunity, as it is an effective way to attract the attention of a young audience. Pokemon is one of McDonald’s partners who has returned more than once — and it looks like he’s ready to do it again. The new Pokemon Happy Meal partnership seems to be starting at McDonald’s.

A Reddit post on the Pokemon subreddit claimed that there was evidence of an upcoming promotion in which new Pokemon toys would be bundled with McDonald’s Happy Meals. The evidence is convincing, since this is a photo of a box with the inscription “Pokemon — confidential and official information” with the inscription “Toy 2 — 2022 Pokemon Happy Meal — Victini — Dark Blue”. The box also has additional product information, including weight information, serial numbers, and even a Pokemon image.

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It is quite possible that the box is a fake, but to create an image of Pokemon, at least good graphic design skills will be required. In addition, there are additional costs for printing on the box itself. It will take effort, to put it mildly. However, fakes of similar quality and leaks of fake Pokemon have been made before, so fans should keep some skepticism until an official announcement is made.

A McDonald’s employee, this is the future toy for happy eating. from pokemon

Perhaps coincidentally, Pokemon’s collaboration with McDonald’s is already underway. However, this is not in the United States. It’s in the UK. The official McDonald’s page even has an image of a Victini, oddly enough. However, the Happy Meal kit does not include toys with Pokemon images. You can choose from a Pokemon coin, Pokemon collectible cards or a toy top with Pokemon. The Victini toy is not mentioned, but it may indicate that McDonald’s and Pokemon are starting a new partnership.

The leader in question does not mention when the Pokemon Happy Meal offer will start. They mention that their manager expects them to sell very quickly and expects up to “9-10” Happy Mils per order. As for why they decided to merge Pokemon Happy Meals, they say they “don’t like McDonald’s,” even though they know they shouldn’t have shared the information.

Pokemon fans should keep a close eye out for more information on McDonald’s social media. Since Pokemon toys are already arriving in stores, it is quite possible that the promotion can start any day. Given the popularity of Pokemon and the popularity of McDonald’s Happy Meal, these toys can quickly disappear as soon as they go on sale.


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