McDonald’s Employee Arrested for Stealing Pokemon Cards


Once again, The Pokemon Company and McDonald’s have teamed up to offer exclusive Pokemon Trading Card Game cards at the Happy Meals fast food chain. This time, new cards featuring creatures like Bewear, Chinchou and Cutiefly come with their own unique rules and a special set of four cards with each order so that kids can play the game while eating. However, due to the fact that some trading cards can be sold at high prices on the Internet, some adults are trying to make money on special TCG Pokemon packages.

In Arizona, 32-year-old Troy Partin allegedly drove through a stop sign and was stopped by police for it. When asked why he didn’t stop, he was caught without a driver’s license. Due to Partin’s previous criminal history, an officer searched his car and eventually found 200 packs of Match Battle Pokemon TCG Happy Meal cards. As soon as law enforcement agencies found out that Partin was a McDonald’s employee, it became clear that the cards had been stolen from his workplace.

He participated in his work at McDonald’s and was charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property due to the fact that he told an officer that he was selling Pokemon cards to a “buddy.” Before the theft, Partin was already on probation due to drug-related charges. He is currently serving time in the Graham County Adult Prison.

Partin allegedly lied to the officer who stopped him, saying the cards were bought, not stolen, to resell to his so-called “friend.” Even if the criminal did have an accomplice in the theft, it is most likely that their ultimate goal was to sell these cards to the highest bidder. How much people are willing to pay for Pokemon cards was a recent headline in many news outlets, as the board game solved scalping problems that were stopped only with the help of strict restrictions.

Despite the fact that most of the dramatic events related to the Pokemon collectible card game have subsided, it seems that some people are still willing to resort to theft to try to make money on what may be valuable cards now or later in the future. However, in the case of Troy Partin, the cards he stole are not even the most expensive, since Charizard’s recent special delivery card costs twice as much as the $120 cards that the police seized from him, and yet he is now serving time for this.



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