McDonald’s Celebrates Cloud Strife’s Birthday on Social Media


Final Fantasy 7 made quite a splash back in June with the presentation of Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary. It was a live broadcast full of announcements about upcoming releases: from the remaster of Crisis Core Reunion, which will be released later this year, to Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth next year. Although the discussion after this event has subsided a bit at the moment, fans can still celebrate FF7, since Cloud Strife’s birthday is celebrated on August 11. However, not many players expected McDonald’s to do the same.

When exactly Cloud, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 7, was born, fans are arguing. In some versions of the manual attached to the original game, Cloud’s birthday is listed as August 19th. However, the FF7 Ultimania books, which are advertised as complete encyclopedias of everything related to the game and its compilation, say that Cloud was born on August 19. August 11. Judging by the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, in the series, August 11 is considered a certain birthday of a character with spiky hair.

When FF7’s official Twitter tried to celebrate Cloud’s birthday with a cute image, wishing the character all the best, an unexpected response came from McDonald’s, a well-known fast food chain. The message has an image of a cake with the inscription “Happy Birthday, Cloud,” and it’s not even a McDonald’s branded cake, which makes the response from the restaurant chain even more random.

Either despite the fact that the tweet was spontaneous, or because of it, fans love the post for various reasons. While some fans laugh at the fact that McDonald’s is celebrating Cloud’s birthday, others say that the employee managing the account must be another Final Fantasy fan to pull this off.

McDonald’s is no stranger to video games. The company regularly works with Nintendo to promote releases such as the latest Pokemon or Mario games with Happy Meal joint toys, but the company also uses video games to train potential McDonald’s employees, which were specifically created for this purpose.

However, due to the fact that McDonald’s aspires to become a family—friendly restaurant and has hardly worked with other games that do not have an E rating from the ESRB, it is quite obvious that Final Fantasy 7 is a game that goes a little beyond the usual comfort zone of the company. . This only adds to the fun of the post, which makes it pretty clear why fans are laughing while waiting for new news about the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth next year.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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