McDonald’s: Big Pokémon Fans Tackle Happy Meal!


American McDonald’s have decided to offer Pokémon cards in their Happy Meal. Collectors pounce on these menus.

McDonald’s always surprises kids with their Happy Meal. However, for several days now, adults have been throwing themselves at these menus in order to get the Pokémon cards.

Pokémon Cards wreak havoc at McDonald’s. McDonald’s always knows how to go about attracting customers. Fast food is constantly innovating to satisfy customers and meet their many expectations. As a result, the franchise is getting up to speed and offering some organic products as well as vegetarian dishes.

Then, a few days ago, the fast food company released a brand new burger: the Chicken Avocado. Something to please all avocado fans, even if the sandwich does not seem to have been unanimous. Indeed, many clients who wanted to test it find that it lacks a lawyer.

While McDonald’s doesn’t always score points with its menus, it tries to please the little ones. Thus, children love to take the Happy Meal for their burgers, their fries… but especially the toy! Indeed, in each menu there is a little trendy gift for girls or boys.

Thus, for the past few days, American McDonald’s have been celebrating the 25 years of the Pokémon franchise. For this, they decided to give away collector cards and some are very rare. Fans of his creatures are all turning to Happy Meal to the point of causing stockouts. However, it does not appeal to younger people.


In the United States, McDonald’s finds itself in a lot of trouble. Indeed, Pokémon fans buy many Happy Meal in order to find the rarest cards. They abandon their menu to devote themselves solely to the little toy inside. The lucky ones can come across highly prized cards, which can make them rich.

Indeed, after finding the rarest cards, Americans do not hesitate to resell them on sites. There are dozens of Pokémon card resale websites out there and fans go there to complete their collection. However, many times they pay a golden price for these little cards.

According to the Korii website, some Pokémon cards that are found in McDonald’s Happy Meal can sell for over a hundred dollars. Some could even sell for thousands of dollars, according to auctions. Fast food restaurants therefore had to react quickly to the riots.

American McDonalds see many customers arriving very early in the morning to ask for Happy Meal. Thus, some restaurants have chosen to put restrictions on the number of these menus purchased per person. However, some employees also do not hesitate to take the cards for some profit on eBay or other resale sites …


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