McDonald’s Australia To Give Away PS5 Themed Controls


McDonald’s: While many gamers agonize at the thought of a handful of grease grabbing at their controllers, McDonald’s Australia has decided to permanently put French fries and a hamburger on a PS5 controller. Thus was created the fast food themed DualSense.

McDonald’s themed control was created in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the chain in Australia. Then, 50 units of the PS5 color controller will be raffled for interested players in the country.

We can see that its base remains white, in the original color of the first version of the control. But the right side had a large area painted in red. On the left was added the painting of a box of the Mc of French fries, and on the right a complete sandwich. As if these tips weren’t enough, McDonald’s symbols were placed right in the middle of the trackpad. The analog and top knobs have not changed, but the D-Pad and geometric shape knobs have been painted yellow.

To win one of them, you must watch certain events streamed on Twitch at specific times and participate in the draw. The schedule can be found on Press Start, but the draw is restricted to Australia. Streams include plays from various games, from Overwatch to Mario Kart.

We asked Voxel readers, then, which is the prettiest official version of DualSense? The original white, the new black, red or McDonald’s multicolor option?


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