McDonald’s and Burger King: France competes!


The two giants, McDonald’s and Burger King, will have to make room for a new competitor in France. Namely “Fatburger”!

McDonald’s and Burger King have something to worry about! Indeed, a new fast-food chain specializing in hamburger is arriving in France.

In France, 1.7 billion hamburgers were swallowed up in 2019. 80% come from McDonald’s and Burger King. It is enormous ! However, its two giants will have to face a new competitor from 2022.

Thus, in a press release, Andy Wiederhorn (CEO of FAT Brands) indicated that “Fatburger has enjoyed great international success over the years, so it was only a matter of time before we entered France. ”.

Fatburger is an American fast-food chain launched in 1952 which has therefore met with great success across the Atlantic, particularly on the West Coast, but also throughout the world.

It therefore seems normal that Paris is the next target. “American cuisine continues to do well abroad and we look forward to bringing our iconic brand experience to the heart of France, Paris, by bringing our food offerings to locals and tourists,” says Andy Wiederhorn.

FAT Brands is therefore planning two openings in the French capital. This gives the French time to get used to Fatburger, which therefore offers very … fatty burgers. But if they are very fatty, it’s because its creator, Lovie Yancey, wanted to make a burger that was “a meal in itself”. Just that !

McDonald’s and Burger King will therefore have to make room for it!


McDonald’s peaks at no less than 495 calories for their Big Macs. For its part, Fatburger is at least over 500 calories with its Veggieburger. His classic burger, The Fatburger, is 590 calories in Medium, 850 in Kingburger mode and goes up to 2,050 calories for the XXXL. This last sandwich is notably composed of three chopped steaks. Wow!

Fatburger also offers chicken burgers, hot dogs, onion rings, Chili cheese fries, sweet potatoes… Well garnished, of course. And the list is still long ! So there is something to make your mouth water. As for the prices, it seems pretty reasonable. Indeed, the burgers oscillate between 4 and 9.69 dollars according to their garnish. In other words, between 3.27 and 7.92 euros.

Burger King and McDonald’s, which already had to deal with the arrival of Five Guys in 2016, are also preparing to see Fatburger land. You will understand that this will therefore be a strong competitor. The two fast food restaurants will have to prepare!

And you, do you plan to test this new fast-food chain, which advocates very (very) fatty burgers? To be continued !


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