McDonald’s against Taco Bell for chicken sandwich?

Will Taco Bell compete with McDonald’s with its future chicken sandwich? We give you more details. McDonald’s threatened by Taco Bell and its future chicken sandwich?

Competition is fierce in the fast food world. Indeed, the major brands are redoubling their efforts and creativity to attract more and more customers.

While some fast-food restaurants have become essentials in the field, they are now facing new brands ready to take their leadership position from them. Against McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC have nothing more to prove.

If the second offers products that closely resemble McDonald’s menus, KFC has decided to focus on chicken products. He therefore makes it his trademark.

This leaves little chance for other brands to compete with it in this niche. But in addition to these 3 big names, other fast food restaurants have also found their place on the market.

We think of Taco Bell! The latter is indeed known to offer very good tacos to its customers.

So he made it his specialty! It therefore seems far from competing with McDonald’s and Burger King, since it does not offer the same products. At least until then!

Indeed, according to the latest news, Taco Bell intends to launch into sandwiches! In fact, it will soon be offering chicken sandwiches that risk overshadowing those of its main competitors.

McDonald’s up against Taco Bell for its future chicken sandwich?


Taco Bell has therefore announced the launch of its Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. His particuliarity ? It’s somewhere between a sandwich and a tacos.

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The sandwich will be topped with crispy fried chicken in its special sauce. In short, everything to crack new customers. And maybe even appeal to the biggest McDonald’s fans?

Taco Bell says that its chicken is marinated in a special Mexican sauce. It is then fried in tortilla chips, which gives it all its crispy side!

At the moment, these famous Crispy Chicken Sandwiches are not about to arrive in France. They will be available from March 11 in the United States in Nashville, Tennessee and in Northern California.

Taco Bell promises in any case that its new sandwich will not cost more than 2.49 dollars. In fact, the brand plans to offer more sandwiches during the year.

Taco Bell therefore seems determined to compete with McDonald’s and Burger King. But the latter, established in France should not have to worry.

Indeed, Taco Bell did not manage to establish itself in France. Food from the American brand does not respect the quality and regulations in France. The big fast-food brands will therefore continue to dominate the market without worrying too much about the competition.



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