McDonald’s about to release their first plant-based burger!


McDonald’s competes each time for originality for its new products! Yes, the fast food restaurant will soon offer a plant burger!

McDonald’s always compete for originality when it comes to new products. In fact, the fast food restaurant has just created its own plant burger. Crazy, right?

McDonald’s intends to create burgers accessible to all. But for this, the fast-food giant must catch up on the vegetarian market.

Yes, McDonald’s is lagging behind some of its competitors. This is the case, for example, with Burger King which, in April 2019, offered its iconic Whopper, in a veggie version, but also with Starbucks which has a fully veggie range.

A delay that the group intends to make up for. In fact, on Monday, November 9, the company announced that an alternative meat line called McPlant would be tested in the United States from 2021.

We tell you more!


Yes, McDonald’s will finally release its veggie burger: the McPlant.

About this burger, the brand has also confided:

“There are other plant-based burgers out there, but McPlant delivers our signature taste in a ‘bite into it’ sandwich. (…) It is made from a juicy plant-based pancake and served on a warm sesame seed bun. And of course, with all the classic garnishes ”

A plant-based steak that, as McDonald’s told us, was made with Beyond Meat. And for good reason, the brand knows this producer well, with whom it has already collaborated to test vegetable steaks in Canada. In fact, Beyond Meat steaks are renowned for their taste and texture, which really resembles that of a real meat steak! It is therefore normal that the fast-food wanted to collaborate with this group.

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In short, this burger just looks crazy!

Besides, we can’t wait to test it!


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