McDonald’s: A customer almost died because of McFlurry!


Bad luck for McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, bad buzz is increasing … A customer was close to death because of a McFlurry!

McDonald’s therefore received more than good ads in 2020 in the UK. While a customer ordered two McFlurry’s, he nearly choked on one of them. He even ended up in the hospital, on the verge of death!

He had indeed warned the sellers: he was buying two McFlurries. But one of them could cause him health problems. He therefore asked the English McDonald’s team to mark the difference between the two ice creams, so as not to risk anything …

Except the McDonald’s team forgot to mark which McFlurry was made for him! The young man therefore finds himself with two identical mirrors. One caramel, for him, and the other, “egg custard”, which could kill him …

But the two lovers did not manage to share the ice cream well! The 32-year-old man, allergic to eggs, therefore found himself enjoying his ice cream … But not for long: he began to experience side effects!

Big problem, his allergy can have enormous effects on him … Head to the hospital for treatment. All because of a little McDonald’s party! But the man started to have edema and needed treatment quickly.

He arrives in time for the London Hospital to save him and save him the worst. But the 32-year-old’s adventure does not end there. Because he decided to go back to the restaurant to ask them to be more careful …


Just after having come close to death, he returned to the London restaurant which forgot to differentiate the two ice creams. Except that the reaction of the team will disappoint him to the utmost. Because no one seems moved by his story!

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When he arrives at McDonald’s, the Londoner receives an apology and a replacement ice cream… Just that. When he almost died! He still received an automatic apology email. Nothing to cheer him up on …

So he contacted the media to tell this story. But above all to inform the waiters and waitresses. Because a simple small mistake can cause huge problems … and even death for a small ice cream!

This is the second bad buzz for McDonald’s in the UK in 2020. Six months ago, a young girl almost choked on a nugget … before making a horrible discovery!

His mother had told the BBC that a “surgical mask had melted, like chewing gum, in the nugget” … A discovery as dreadful as it is unhygienic. Two mistakes and two bad buzzes in less than a year …

McDonald’s UK will therefore have to make efforts to reassure its customers! And send a little more than an apology email …


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