McDonald fights ‘Scaplers’ due to Pokémon cards


Good afternoon, 450 Happy Meals please. PlayStation 5 is far from being the only object to suffer from the actions of scalpers, people who taking advantage of the scarcity of a certain product, dedicate themselves to usurping the maximum of units and then reselling them at higher prices, sometimes exorbitantly higher than recommended .

This time, taking advantage of a failure of the giant McDonalds, scalpers have managed to acquire a letter from TCG Pokémon dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, to resell online. Obviously, fans have been extremely displeased with the activity.

According to Kotaku , several people have demonstrated their dislike on social media, reporting cases of letterboxes for sale on websites like eBay , for amounts that can reach $ 1,500 .

Limited edition packs are being sold at restaurants selected for the anniversary. According to the announcement on the Pokémon website , the purchase of a Happy Meal guarantees a 25th Anniversary pack that contains four exclusive cards. There are 50 to collect, the initial 24 Pokémon and Pikachu, in standard and foil versions. As is normal with this type of games, the cards are random, but scalpers are bypassing the system, having found a way to buy the packs together.

According to Kotaku, every McDonalds restaurant seems to have a different policy for how these packs are sold, which is allowing scalpers to access them without accumulating too many calories. Some buy Happy Meals in bulk by throwing out food, others simply go to the restaurant to ask to buy the entire box of packs, appearing at 5:00 am before the public arrives.

Some Twitter users , including @ The3Composer , say that certain restaurants are restricting sales to 5 packs at a time, but that was only after someone bought 450 on a single visit.

Several people on Twitter have been calling for McDonald to implement measures to limit the sale of packs to one per person, but so far nothing official has been put forward by the food giant. It is a difficult problem to solve, but more than that, it is just another testament to the crazy popularity of Pokémon.


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