McDo, KFC, Burger King: who has the best nuggets?


Who from McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King offers the best nuggets? The question has been debated for years! Here is what we think.

While the fast-food giants stick together in this period of confinement, we don’t forget that McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King remain eternal rivals.

Back to the 1950s with Robert C. Baker. This name means nothing to you ? But it was this food science professor at Cornell University in New York who created the nuggets.

He is credited with inventing some 40 chicken products. Hence his nickname George Washington of poultry.

The scientist and his students then published their innovations in patent-free bulletins. Their invention is thus at the origin of what are now known as “poultry products”. We thank him for that.

Died in 2006, Baker received no cent for the millions of nuggets sold. Eventually, his name will be erased from the history of the nugget.

McDo was one of the first to market nuggets. This is why they mistakenly appropriated their invention!

Hey there, that reminds us of the very story of the founding of McDonald’s. Or when Ray Kroc is recognized as the founder of the channel when it is the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who are the pioneers. They will end up in the same closet as Robert Baker!

At the time, McDonald’s only offered burgers topped with beef. The restaurateur therefore started selling Chicken McNuggets to diversify his offer.

Today these chicken bites can be eaten all over the place. And the competition is getting fierce with the arrival of the KFC and Burger King brands.

But who gets the prize for the best nugget? Even if we are a long way from haute cuisine, McDonald’s nuggets seem unbeatable.


Burger King nuggets first appeared in 1985. At the time, the brand wanted to bring new chicken products to their customers. But the start will be difficult. In fact, its offer is even suspended for several months after its launch.

Today, Burger King offers its fans a new product: Newggets. The brand thus quite simply replaces its BK Nuggets.

She therefore crosses off her nuggets that are deemed too small and not crispy enough from her menu. Did the new recipe charm them?

“Newgoût, newrecette, newkiff” promises Burger King in its advertising campaign. But newflop on the program too.

According to breaded chicken lovers, Burger King Newggets lack flavor. But that’s what we’re looking for, isn’t it? They also say they are too dry, overcooked and not generous enough.


Indeed, some Internet users still notice an improvement compared to the classic recipe of the brand. In terms of calories, Newggets have 233 calories per 100 g of product. The old recipe had 254.

“A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” said Amy in Friends! But rest assured, a good hour’s walk and you’re done!

On the nutritional level, efforts have been noted. The fat content has decreased slightly from 13.4g to 11.4g. And the protein level increased from 12.3g to 17.8g.

Another positive point, the Newggets are prepared with chicken from France. The brand has in fact a partnership with Nature d ‘Eleveurs en Terres de France. Finally, his new recipe contains no coloring or artificial flavor.

But that’s obviously not enough to tempt the taste buds of breaded chicken lovers. Next!


KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is just as old as its competition. But is Colonel Sanders’ recipe any better?

It’s a big debate we’re getting into here. First of all, it should be noted that KFC specializes in chicken recipes.

Unlike its rivals who have added chicken preparations to diversify their menu, it has made it its specialty. But does being a fried chicken specialist necessarily mean you have the best nuggets?

As it assures on its official website, the brand ensures the quality of its chicken. Its goal is to offer recipes with “authentic taste”. Moreover, KFC chicken comes from certified farms located in France.

KFC also uses, and has always done, whole pieces of chicken to prepare its recipes. Its Tenders are therefore made from whole chicken fillets. “You will never find ground chicken” assures the brand!


As for the real KFC Fried Chicken recipe, it’s as well guarded as a rare diamond! The only thing to know is that it would contain 11 herbs and spices.

But this recipe remains by far one of the best industrial secrets.

x protected from the United States. KFC management is doing everything to keep this sacred blend of herbs and spices a secret. Colonel Sanders would roll over in his grave if he knew his recipe had been revealed!

May he rest in peace. Fans of fried chicken will be able to taste its recipe without fuss in their favorite restaurant. What do they think of the KFC recipe anyway?

“Crispy and tender” are the two terms that come up most often. And nutritionally? The KFC recipe shows 200 Kcal per 100 g. There are also 18 g of protein. But some consumers also notice that KFC Tenders taste more salty compared to other brands. And indeed it is.

For example, KFC’s recipe contains almost twice as much salt as Burger King’s. 1.1 g of salt per 100 g in BK’s recipe against 2 g for the same amount from our dear Colonel Sanders. So it’s not just an impression. McDonald’s nuggets also contain less salt. There are 1.2 g per 100 g.

Finally, KFC also offers a spicy version of its fried chicken. Something to tingle our taste buds!


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