McCabe: “So I Jumped In The Bitcoin Wagon”


McCabe, the founder and president of the American software giant Intercom, made various comments on Bitcoin (BTC) on his Twitter account. McCabe also called for HODL to his followers, implying that he is becoming a determined Bitcoin investor.

Eoghan McCabe, president of software giant Intercom, made some statements on his Twitter account on November 16 that will excite his followers, especially those who are interested in crypto money. Explaining that his relationship with the leading cryptocurrency has not been very unprofessional until now, McCabe hinted that he has now decided to become a firm Bitcoin investor.

“I jumped in the bitcoin wagon”

The comments McCabe shared on Twitter were not just his own thoughts. McCabe also shared an episode of the podcast of the famous name Anthony Pompliano for his followers, especially among the cryptocurrency communities.

McCabe said exactly in his tweet:

“I am announcing that after years of struggling here I jumped decisively in the Bitcoin wagon and want everyone to do the same.”

“For those from behind like me: I found a podcast with Robert Breedlove as a guest. It’s very exciting and fun. ”

Bitcoin statement from Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, the host of the podcast that Intercom president Eoghan McCabe recommended on his Twitter account, also recently made a statement about Bitcoin.

Claiming that Bitcoin will eventually be used as a reserve asset, Pompliano also cited Square, which has invested in the leading crypto currency in recent months, as an example. Pompliano, who does not only put companies at the center of his statement, stated that Bitcoin will become more common among individuals and central banks in the same direction.


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