MBFFL: Inside Whitney’s Celebration of Bob’s 76th Birthday


In “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Whitney Way Thor is closely connected to her parents, Glenn and Barbara “Babs” Thor, and Whitney honored the memory of Babs, who recently had a birthday. Whitney’s mom and dad were the main characters of the show, giving her advice, support and tough love when needed. In particular, Whitney and Babs have an incredibly close relationship.

Fans like the funny and candid moments of their life together, and Babs’ playful behavior won over the audience, making her a fan favorite. All this hung in the balance when in 2017 the family experienced a health-related fear. Babs had a stroke and Whitney was there for her, helping her make a full recovery. Fortunately, Babs has coped, and she still has an energetic and determined sense of self-worth. She recently celebrated her 76th birthday with her family. The possibility of losing the matriarch of the Tore family clarified a lot for Whitney and made her even more grateful to her mother.

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On Instagram, Whitney shared a heartfelt post in which she celebrated the birthday of her charismatic mom. She wrote: “QUEEN BABS turned 76 today! People guessed that she was 60! Every day I pray that my mother has intelligence, grace, strength and genetics. How lucky am I that this woman became my mother and I share her with the world? She is my greatest treasure and my best friend.” The sentimental post found a response from her subscribers, who sent her good wishes and birthday greetings. One fan wrote: “Happy birthday to the woman who makes us feel like a mom to everyone!!!” The impact of Babs’ caring personality has spread not only to her family, but also to the lives of others. Another fan commented on the post, saying, “Happy birthday, Babs! You’re the sweetest TV mom, and we’re all lucky to have you sharing her with us!”

In addition to participating in My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney often shares photos of her mom on her Instagram account. Her 76th birthday was no exception, and it seems that it was not devoid of fun and excitement. Whitney did not go into the details of their planned celebration, but there is no doubt that it was an amazing holiday. In the photo shared by Whitney, she is smiling with her mom, and Babs looks in high spirits, wearing a happy birthday crown on her special day. The fact that Babs is happy, healthy and doing well is the best gift for her and those who love her.

Viewers are looking forward to seeing Babs’ quick wit and daring southern attitude on the screen again. Whitney is the star of the show, but Babs herself has gathered an impressive number of fans. It is expected that her funny comments, unrestrained honesty and bright personality will be fully manifested when the new season returns. “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” returns to TLC for the 10th season on August 9 at 10.09.