Mbappé is one of the top 3 most decisive players this year!


Kylian Mbappé still panics the counters! The PSG player is only 21, and is already one of the best European players of the season …

France expects a lot from him but he remains very young: Kylian Mbappé panics the counters. The PSG player is indeed one of the three most decisive players at the start of the season… Impressive.

Because we often forget him, but the prodigy born in Bondy is only 21 years old. Even at this age, he seems essential holder in the France team, and in Paris Saint-Germain… But his stats follow!

Kylian Mbappé is indeed one of the three most decisive players in Europe at the start of the season. A statistic highlighted by Opta, which compiles statistics on the major European championships …

And on the podium, in front of the Parisian player, we find Robert Lewandowski and Harry Kane. While the former has been marching on Europe with Bayern for several years, the latter is a little more surprising.

The Welshman is indeed coming back from a harsher period at Real Madrid… But his comeback at Tottenham is doing him a lot of good. Just behind him, he still finds Kylian Mbappé on his heels …


Robert Lewandowski thus climbs to 15 stakes in goals this season. He has indeed scored 11 times, and given four assists. Behind, Harry Kane’s stats are a bit more surprising.

The Welshman has certainly scored… But above all he gave a lot of good balls! 8 goals, 7 assists: he was therefore able to be decisive 15 times, against 11 for Kylian Mbappé, third but a little far in this ranking …

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A bit far, of course, but we must also see one thing: the PSG player has played less than the others. Harry Kane has played 714 minutes this season, while the Parisian has only played 434.

On the other hand, Robert Lewandowski seems untouchable: he was able to help his team four more times, even though he only played 20 minutes more than Mbappé… The young Parisian has yet to learn!


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