May’s PS4: Play At Home Brings Several Gifts In Microtransactions


PS4: Sony’s Play At Home initiative brought several free games for PlayStation players, and today (14) another batch of gifts was announced that could be redeemed in the second half of May!

Until then, this is your last chance to redeem the Horizon Zero Dawn game fully on the track, as it will only be available until the turn of the 14th to the 15th. After that, the game will give way to a series of mostly focused gifts in dummy coins for you to spend on various microtransactions.

The idea of ​​Play At Home, as its name implies, is to offer an incentive for more players to stay at home playing during these times of social isolation. Thus, between midnight on the 18th of May until the 7th of June, the following downloads will be enabled:

In MLB The Show 21, 10 The Show Packs will be given, while NBA 2K21 will bring 5,000 MyTeam Points and the Play at Home MyTEAM Series 2 Amethyst Damian Lillard pack. For those who enjoy more arcade sports, Rocket League brings the PlayStation Plus Pack with Blue Notch Wheels, Blue Smoke Boost, Blue Rock Trail and Trimpact BL Player Banner. The racing game Destruction AllStars will guarantee 1,100 Destruction Points!

In the competitive world, Rogue Company will offer the Play at Home Pack with Skin Kyoto Undercover Ronin and 200 Rogue Bucks, while Brawlhalla brings a Pack with Rayman Legend, Sir Rayelot Skin, Shrug emote and Grimm mascot. Warframe, in turn, guarantees access to the Starter Bundle of 100 Platinum, 100,000 credits and Affinity Booster for 7 days.

On the battlefields, World of Tanks brings double the Courage Pack, 5 x1.5 Silver Boosters, 2 x2 XP Boosters and 7 days in the Premium account, while World of Warships: Legends features the Tier III Arkansas Ship, 7 days of Account Premium and 5x Rare Boosters for all 5 types.

Finally, whoever plays Call of Duty: Warzone between the 20th of May and the 6th of June will still have 5 tokes entitled to 1 hour with Double XP whenever they are redeemed within the Message of the Day tab. Phew! Among so many gifts, which one was your favorite? Comment below!


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