Mayo Clinic uses autonomous vehicle for shipping coronavirus tests

Mayo Clinic has been using 4 autonomous service vehicles on its clinical campus since March 30. Thanks to this practice, the clinic aims to prevent the spread of the virus by prioritizing healthcare professionals.

The Mayo Clinic in Florida uses driverless tools to transport coronavirus test samples from the testing area to its laboratory. The clinic, which operates four driverless vehicles for this business, has partnered with the Jacksonville Transport Authority. However, it should be noted that the clinic works with two autonomous vehicle companies, Beep and Navya.

Kent Thielen, CEO of the Mayo Clinic, says that using autonomous vehicles in this process will both reduce the exposure of people to the virus and protect healthcare workers.

Within the scope of the project implemented by Mayo Clinic, 4 autonomous service vehicles have been used on the clinical campus since March 30. Autonomous services are accompanied by sedan vehicles used by people. In this way, the vehicle holding the COVID-19 tests is prevented from facing a traffic or pedestrian.

In fact, it should be noted that the tests did not go a long way in the clinical campus. At this point, the main purpose of autonomous vehicles is to prevent the spread of the virus by prioritizing healthcare workers. The CEO of the clinic, Thielen, said in a statement on the subject:

“Using artificial intelligence enables us to use the latest autonomous vehicle technology and protect staff against this infectious virus. Thus, healthcare workers can save time and devote this time directly to the treatment and care of patients. At this difficult time, we are grateful for their partnership with TA, Beep and Navya. . ”

Although the epidemic has had a negative impact on the autonomous vehicle industry for the time being, such examples show us what kind of possibilities technology can offer when needed. It is important to note, however, that Alphabet’s Waymo project and Uber’s autonomous vehicle project have been suspended for now.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority, on the other hand, has been reaping the fruits of its work for the last three years. Autonomous services have been tested under human supervision for some time under Jacksonville’s Ultimate Urban Circulator program.



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