Maylone already has the same smile as Thibault Garcia!


This morning, Thibault posted a video that may melt Jessica Thivenin! Dad showed off a lovely time with Maylone!

For over a year, the Garcia couple have been living a daydream! Indeed, the birth of their son changed their lives!

If at first it was very complicated, they now have a very happy and healthy Maylone! Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia are therefore amazed every day at this boil of love!

Add to this that they live in Duabï… So, under the sun, the palm trees and the beach, they live their best life!

Especially since in recent weeks, several of their friends have arrived in the Emirates! Thus, Jessica Thivenin takes advantage of her friends… What happiness!

We even saw him with the producer of the Marseillais last week… Enough to tilt the fans!

In fact, in a few days, filming should begin in the very town where Thibault, Jess and Maylone live! Very cool !


On Instagram this morning, Thibault Garcia shared a very sweet video with his son while Jess was at the hairdresser. So, the two men of the TV star took advantage of her time away to have fun with music!

Indeed, Maylone seems super happy in her daddy’s arms… And you might as well say that Jessica Thivenin’s darling is completely gaga over the little boy!

We can therefore imagine that this short video will melt the heart of mother of the beautiful Marseillaise! In the meantime, the fans validate thoroughly!

Indeed, we could read: “What happiness this very smiling child. “Or” Too good father / son complicity “! In short, we fall for the post, don’t you?

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