Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will continue to share the role of the host of “Jeopardy!” almost 2 years after the death of Alex Trebek


A Real Double Double! Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will continue to share Jeopardy! responsibilities for placement.

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On Monday, July 25, Variety reported that Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed long-term deals that will allow the duo, who began sharing time as presenters in September 2021, to remain tied to a common role. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, nothing has been officially signed yet.

The beloved game show spent almost two years searching for the perfect host after the death of Alex Trebek in November 2020. Many stars, including LeVar Burton, Aaron Rodgers, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper and others, spent time as guest hosts. Former Danger! Executive producer Mike Richards was originally supposed to be the new permanent host until he resigned in August 2021 after controversial comments he made surfaced.

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Last month, executive producer Mike Davis told Variety that the franchise is planning “more versions” of the show, which means “multiple presenters.”

“With all our plans for Jeopardy! — it’s more Jeopardy!, not less, more versions — we’re going to need multiple presenters to represent the entire audience, to represent the entire country, to move this franchise forward,” he said at the Daytime Emmy Awards 2022. .

One of these iterations is Celebrity Jeopardy!, which is scheduled to premiere in the fall, and will be hosted by 46-year-old Bialik. The star of the series “The Big Bang Theory” is definitely busy with this TV season, as the 3rd season of her popular show Call Me Kat will also air in September.

However, with such intense exposure comes the criticism that the Blossom graduate has received en masse since she served as a temporary danger! owner. In addition to being called an “anti—vaccinist” and an “anti—feminist”—terms the actress called particularly “offensive because they don’t correspond to reality,” she told Glamour in September 2021-viewers also disagree with some of the phrases she uses on the show, including calling The first round is “Single Jeopardy”, not just “Jeopardy”.

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“People care a lot, I understand!” Bialik told Yahoo! Earlier this year. “And I’m sorry. I’m doing my best!” Although she defended her use of “Single Jeopardy”—Trebek himself sometimes used it—she promised fans she would stop saying that. “I’ll never do it again! Even if it is in this scenario, I won’t say it,” she said.

For his part, Jennings, whose winning streak in Jeopardy! he won the most consecutive victories – 72 – in May, he took a leave of absence from his hosting duties, telling fans via Twitter that he would “return the keys to Bialik for a few months,” noting that he would “return before the end of the season.”


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