Mayans MC: Edward James Olmos confessed what we suspected of working with his son


More than 50 years of artistic life has Edward James Olmos, recognized and laureate in the world of entertainment, especially in the film and television industry. And everything indicates that it is an unprecedented situation because he has recently had the opportunity to work with his own son at Mayans M.C. and in an interview he revealed what it was like to work on the same tv set.

Director Michael D. Olmos, for the first time in a television series, has shared the great Oscar Edward James Olmos with his father. Although it would not be the first time working together, it is on television, because they had already gotten together to shoot independent films. For example, the 2012 musical drama Filly Brown and the September 11, 2019 drama Windows on the World.

For 4 episodes this pair were working together, when Michael directed his father in the fourth episode of Mayans M.C., which aired this Tuesday, May 4 on FX. They both like being able to live this experience together and the father confessed that he enjoys seeing how young directors like his son bring “a new sense of values ​​and perspective” to the series.

“The new directors want to change the line and they want to bring (the episode) to a point where people can say, Wow, Mayans has grown a lot since he or she came as director! Most of the directors that we have (at Mayans) are really good. That is the key. That’s what Mickey did”; This is how Edward referred in an interview for a TV magazine.

Michael Olmos also said that co-creator Elgin James even allowed him to read some of the Season 4 scripts before the season started and invited him on set before directing the episodes. “I was with him for about three weeks. I had the opportunity to talk about everything. This was the most prepared I could have been for anything”; Olmos said.

The new season of Mayans M.C. is already beginning, and precisely, the patriarchal character played by Edward James Olmos, Felipe Reyes, will be emblematic and decisive for the plot of this series, so the actor is eager for the audience to know his destiny after four seasons, because it seems that “karma is getting to him in a bad way”.

Olmos described his character as a kind and gentle soul, “and as time goes on…you start to uncover his past and you start to realize that he’s probably darker than his children.” Despite this, according to this actor, “[Felipe] tries hard to be a good person, but his past catches up with him and he becomes very difficult to handle.” He wants to bring the energy of working with his son to his next project, whether it’s another episode of a television series or an independent film project. “I want to tell stories that resonate,” he said.

“Usually for me, it’s something that’s grounded in emotional truth wrapped up in something fantastical. Mayans is the perfect example of that. It is a motorcycle story with Shakespearean undertones. It is a really elevated drama.”