Maya Rudolph Tells David Spade’s Story about Meeting Kamala Harris After Her Viral SNL Impression


From Donald Trump to Barack Obama to Gerald Ford, “Saturday Night Live” is well known for its political impressions. In the last presidential administration, we saw many portraying Joe Biden (Jim Carrey, Woody Harrelson and James Austin Johnson, to name just a few), but Maya Rudolph always played the first woman to become vice president, Kamala. Harris.

Over the years, some of these comedians have met with the political leaders they play. Rudolph thought she would never do that because she was playing Harris in the midst of COVID. However, she recently met with the vice president and talked about it with David Spade and Dana Carvey on their podcast Fly on the Wall (opens in new tab).

During the election, everyone went through the building, so sometimes you had to cross paths with the people you were playing, but I never had to do that. And then I just thought, “Well, I’ll never meet her, it’s covid.” say it in front of her.

Rudolph explained that her impression is based on joy and how much she admires Harris. You can say it’s true. She clearly exploded on stage, dancing with cans of lysol in her hands during a sketch at the vice presidential debate. Earlier that year, she used her screen time during a sketch about the presidential debate to “have fun and get some viral moments” out of her facial expression because she is America’s “fun,” fun aunt.

Spade and Carvey were delighted with her impression during the interview. Carvey, who posed as George H.W. Bush. Bush once told her that because he could tell how much fun she was having to impress, he wanted to look at her more. Maya Rudolph responded to this compliment by saying that her impressions resemble a game of dressing up as a child.

In fact, she wants to pretend to be these people and embody their confidence, noting that her impression of Kamala Harris reminded her in this sense of her impression of Beyonce. This admiration for these women fills her imitations with joy, which Rudolph explained when she met the vice president.

It’s joyful, and I said it to her. I find her joyful. She’s big and smiling. She feels that there is a lot of joy in her. She laughs at things. When she needs to be serious, tough, harsh, she is like that. It’s powerful. It’s powerful. It’s fascinating.

Although Rudolph said she wasn’t ready to return to SNL, it certainly paid off. Her impression of Harris was popular with the public. For example, in the cold open before the election, she outshone everyone, attracting a lot of attention on social networks with her image of the vice president.

While we know that SNL regulars like Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson have decided to leave the show, we hope Maya Rudolph will return to Studio 8H to play the vice president. This is quite possible, given that Harris will be in power until 2024… and will probably be part of the upcoming election season. In the meantime, enjoy all that is in Rudolph’s TV shows and movies, and be sure to check out the schedule of TV shows for the fall of 2022 to find out when “Saturday Night Live” will return for its 48th season.


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