Maya Reveals New Twitch Plans After Returning From a Two-Month Break


Twitch streamer Maya Higa has just returned from a two-month break in content creation and shared her plans for the future.

Just two months after her indefinite hiatus from Twitch, Maya Higa has confirmed her announcement that she is going to return to streaming on November 16.

In a short hour-long broadcast, Maya talked about some of the thoughts she had during the break, including her final decision to return to Twitch to continue educating people about animal conservation.

Maya also announced a small shift in her plans for the future of her channel, adding more streams to teach her community how to work.

Maya Reveals New Twitch Plans After Break

After more than a month of trying to find various ways to support Alveus Sanctuary without income from Twitch, Maya decided that she wanted to return to continue animal welfare education on her channel.

At the same time, Maya said that the content on her personal channel, as well as in the Sanctuary of Alveus, will change slightly with her return.

The creator still plans to broadcast singing and cooking for four days a week, but twice a week will consist of IRL broadcasts around Alveus Sanctuary.

To focus even more on environmental education, each of her personal streams will end with a raid on the Alveus Twitch channel, where they will receive special content for fans every day of the week.

To help her do all this, Maya said that during the break she moved out of her old house and bought a “tiny house.”

Although there is no water, sewer or electricity connected to it yet, the new house will allow her to focus on what she likes to do, since it is located right on the territory of the shelter.


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