Maya leaves online platforms “indefinitely” amid Mizkif accusations


After allegations that Mizkif instructed his then-girlfriend Maya to “downplay” Adrianah Lee’s accusations of sexual harassment, Maya issued a final statement on the matter, in which, according to her, she will take an indefinite break from all online platforms.

On September 19, Twitch Trainwreck streamer made arrogant accusations against his peer Mizkif, claiming that he used his friends to conceal sexual assaults. The two who were named were MitchJones and Maya Higa.

According to a leaked Discord call between Mizkif, Trainwreck, Asmongold, xQc and Barry; an eyewitness claimed that Maya forced Adrianah Lee to downplay her accusations against Maya and Mizkif’s close friend CrazySlick.

Before the call leaked, Maya issued her own statement on Twitch in which she stated that she wanted to stay out of the situation and acknowledged that her status could have unintentionally influenced Lee’s Twitlonger regarding the sexual assault allegations.

Maya’s latest statement on the situation with Adrianah Lee

On September 25, after a leaked call to Discord, Maya will post what she calls her “final statement” via TwitLonger. She claimed that she was not given the opportunity to represent herself during the call, and that “false accusations” were made that prompted her final response.

She stated that she did not intend to cause more harm with her answer, but wanted to tell about her intentions that day when she and Mitch went to talk to Lee about the situation with Slick.

“I did not go to the house that day with the intention of manipulating Adrianah’s story. I did not cover up sexual assault. This would not be possible as even Adrianah did not consider the incident to be sexual assault until this past Monday (09/19/2022), as she said on her stream,” Maya wrote.

She further stated that Lee’s feelings had “correctly” changed and that she had “supported” Adrianah. Maya claimed that her actions in 2021 were influenced by the information provided at the time: Adrianah claimed that she was not raped, but Slick inconvenienced her.

“At the time, I thought this was the right thing to do. I fully understand that it was wrong, given my position, to insert myself into that situation. I apologize for the power dynamic and the harm it might have caused. I am deeply disappointed in my judgment and choices and I am deeply sorry to Adrianah for my involvement.”

She apologized several more times throughout TwitLonger and condemned Slick for his alleged actions. Maya ended her statement with a statement that she would step away from “online platforms indefinitely.”


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