MAX, what is it like to work with Suga on “Color Vision”


MAX has released their new album, “Color Vision”, for which they had the support of BTS’s Suga and here are the details.

MAX just released their new studio album, Color Vision, which took four years to make!

The 28-year-old singer’s new album, whose real name is Max Schneider, features collaborations with BTS’s Suga, Hayley Kiyoko, Chromeo, and more.

Just before the album’s release, MAX shared a note on social media, thanking fans for being by her side and thanking her collaborators, including BTS star Suga.

“I have been working on‘ Color Vision ’for almost 4 years. It really has been a magical journey putting each piece together, “MAX wrote.” I am so grateful to the new fans who are discovering all this music for the first time and grateful to the fans who have been by my side for years (you know we’ve been from Hell’s Kitchen Angel to get here) “.

“Color Vision is now yours. I hope you find a little spark of magic in him to make you feel really alive, “concluded MAX.

MAX’s message to Suga and collaborators

“Thanks for believing. Thank you for making my heart so full and happy just because you’re listening and because this music means something to you, “he continued.” I’m so proud of this album and every video, t-shirt, vinyl, cd, and piece that goes with it. Thank you to all the brilliant artists who added their spirit and soul to each piece. I couldn’t be luckier to be able to create with so many passionate geniuses and human beings.

You can listen to MAX and Suga’s song, below.

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How about MAX’s “Color Vision”? Is Blueberry Eyes with Suga, your favorite song on the album? Tell us in the comments.


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