Max talks about Suga’s presence in Blueberry Eyes MV


Although Suga was not present in the video for ‘Blueberry Eyes’, Max revealed that he always thinks about his friend, this is what the singer said of his musical collaboration with the rapper of the Bangtan Boys.

Today, Max presented the premiere of the MV for ‘Blueberry Eyes’, the second collaboration between the American singer and BTS’s Min Yoongi. Both artists have a solid friendship and decided to merge their musical visions in their most recent work together.

‘Blueberry Eyes’ is part of the tracklist of Max Schneider’s record material called ‘Color Vision’, the melody is of a sweet and romantic concept that plays with some musical styles such as bossa nova.

The “Love Me Less” singer shared some details about “Blueberry Eyes” with the Buzz Feed medium. The young music star revealed that the verse in Korean was the vows he and his wife said during their wedding ceremony during their quarantine:

We learned the entire Korean verse

Suga’s rap on ‘Blueberry Eyes’ says:

Like a ray of light that pierced my shadow, changing my life that was nothing but dark, maybe I am nothing, before I met you I was nobody, my whole life before that I have been busy killing time every day. Our days, our nights, our life, you are my light, we are the way to sustain ourselves, the anchor of each one

The future father explained that Suga could not be in the recordings of the official video of ‘Blueberry Eyes’, but wanted to represent the essence of Min Yoongi with something very special, the composer commented:

We included a little kitten for Yoongi to appear, we wanted his whole spirit to be present

Owwww a cute cat. Max sent some Korean text messages to BTS’s Suga, telling him that it is very difficult to learn Korean, but he promises to immerse himself more in the language for more conversations with the rapper in his native language.

Check out the official video of Suga and Max’s ‘Blueberry Eyes’:


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