MAX, Suga’s reaction to “meeting” with his future niece


BTS: MAX thrilled the ARMY by revealing that Suga will be uncle very soon and now, he gives more details of the idol’s reaction to seeing the sonogram

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you would have found out that BTS member Suga collaborated with MAX on Blueberry Eyes, which has been the talking point of the ARMY since its release.

But apart from the song, MAX has won over ARMY with his kindest words to Suga, yet the international singer ended up causing a meltdown on social media when he referred to the idol as the uncle of his soon-to-be-born daughter, as we reveal to you in Somagnews.

Suga will soon become an uncle

It all happened when the singer sat down for an interview with MYX Philippines where he was asked if he was considering Suga as a likely godfather to his daughter. MAX confessed that the Bangtan Boy was an amazing host when he was their guest in South Korea.

The singer added that he would love to bring his wife and daughter to South Korea so they can meet the BTS rapper, and the baby’s future godfather / uncle.

If that wasn’t heartwarming enough, the singer revealed to the ARMY that he sent the sonogram to the BTS member when he shared the news about his daughter.

Sharing Suga’s reaction, MAX said, “I remember I sent him the ultrasound image and was very excited when I told him that she was being born. He will be a great Uncle Suga in Korea when I meet him.”

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We are sure that Suga will be the sweetest guy to spoil the little angel! Don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments ver


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