Matthew Perry said that Zac Efron refused to play his younger version in the new film


The couple has already starred together in the movie “17 Again”.

Matthew Perry has revealed that Zac Efron has turned down a role playing his younger version.

Efron played a younger version of Perry in the 2009 film “17 Again,” and Perry turned to the star of the “High School Musical” with another role as a spiritual sequel.

“I finished the script that we showed to some people. I want to shoot this,” Perry said in an interview with SiriusXM’s “In the Spotlight of Pop Culture with Jessica Shaw,” explaining that he wrote a romcom.

“I play a small role in this. I wrote it for myself, and then realized that I was already 20 years old to play it. So now we are trying to pick up the main characters.”

Perry said he reached out to Efron, who declined the offer. “He said no, so we have to find someone who will say yes,” the actor explained.

He also added that Aubrey Plaza almost joined the project as the female lead. “There is something dramatic in this, too. She came very close, and that would be perfect,” Perry added.

Elsewhere, Matthew Perry recently explained why his voice sounded different at the 2020 Friends reunion special.

Perry said that a few days before filming, he had to undergo “emergency dental surgery.” “They did anything,” Perry told a reporter, saying the surgery “made [his] mouth feel like fire.”

“It looks like my voice was turned off,” he admitted, but added that he feels that “can’t help but appear.”

He continued, “So I decided to just go and do my best.”


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