Matthew Perry Responded Amusingly after Andy Cohen Asked Him if he still gets “Bountiful’” checks for friends


Can he earn more?

Few shows have had the same staying power as “Friends” since the early ’90s, when they first aired, right up until today. With such a successful syndication, Andy Cohen and I both assume that the stars are still receiving “generous” checks for their work on the series. Cohen recently asked Matthew Perry about this topic, and he gave the talk show host a funny and very Chandler answer.

Matthew Perry is promoting his new memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,” which doesn’t “embellish” anything about his time in the popular sitcom. Now he’s kind of open about how much he still earns on the program, as he joked with Cohn on his Radio Andy show. They discussed the continuing fame of “Friends,” which led the host to ask how much money Perry still earns on the popular sitcom today. Asking if he described the checks he receives as “plentiful” or “fluid.” To which actor Chandler replied:

Well, yesterday I bought Iowa. Yeah. That was yesterday.

Cohen then pressed again, asking if they were “plentiful,” and Perry said:

They’re not bad. And they come in the form of a text: “You just did it.” And I say, “Oh, great.”

Cohen then joked about Perry buying Colorado after he joked about Iowa, which caused Perry to have another Chandler Bing reaction, saying he didn’t get that fortune because “Rock got it.”

It’s very funny that Perry joked about buying entire states and said that Rock beat him to Colorado. It also makes sense because over the years, all the stars of “Friends” have continued to make a lot of money from the show because of how successful it was in syndication. According to USA Today (opens in new tab) in 2015, when “Friends” was released on Netflix, the sitcom brought Warner Bros $1 billion a year. The report also stated that the actors received 2% of this amount. annual income, which means that all six friends earned $20 million a year on their show, even after it had not been broadcast for more than a decade.

So if these numbers are still true today, “not bad” may be an understatement of how much money these actors are still making from “Friends,” and “a lot” may be more accurate.

While salaries may have been and probably still are big from friends, Perry’s new memoir details his struggles with addiction during the show. Despite the fact that he does not think that his colleagues in the film will read it, he noted that, in his opinion, fans of “Friends” and people who have struggled with addiction, the book will be interesting. He talks openly about his struggles and even talks about how the show itself and its popularity may have saved his life. Along with these stories, he got into trouble with his book because of comments he made about Keanu Reeves, for which he has now apologized. All this shows that people still care about Perry and his friends and love them.

The cast of “Friends” achieved success after the show, however, I am sure that the popular program, not only in syndication, but also in a cultural phenomenon, helps. You can watch several stars in various shows on the TV program, and you can read Perry’s new book, which has already been released. If you want to go back and review some old episodes of Friends, you can stream the popular show with an HBO Max subscription.


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