Matthew Perry once mocked for his sloppy appearance


When Matthew Perry is criticized for his sloppy appearance, the actor responds with humor and that’s perfect!

You may not know it, but during Friends’ time, Matthew Perry was addicted to alcohol and drugs. The actor experienced a real descent into hell during filming. Fortunately and thanks to the support of his relatives, the star has managed to go up the slope. If the hero of the small screen continues to lead his fight against his addictions, the press has not always been kind to him. In 2019, the Daily Mail published photos of the comedian on the streets of New York. In the article, the British daily mentioned “his scruffy appearance as well as his long and dirty nails”. The response of the principal concerned was not long in coming.



Faced with criticism from the English newspaper, Internet users quickly stepped up to defend Matthew Perry. Far from letting his morale undermine, the actor preferred to respond with his legendary humor and sarcasm. So he grabbed his Twitter account to write a very funny tweet: “I’m going to do a manicure this morning. I have the right, right? Because there is literally the term ‘man’ (man in English ) in the word. ” An answer full of second degree as we like them and clearly worthy of Chandler Bing, the character he played in Friends. Elsewhere in the celebrity news, find out if Matthew Perry succumbed to cosmetic surgery.

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