Matthew McConaughey Explains How Christmas Gifts Work in His Family, and It’s So Important


Yesterday was Christmas morning, and millions of families were standing around the Christmas trees, opening presents. However, it looks like the McConaughey family, who never do anything by halves, may have had the grandest Christmas of all, as Matthew McConaughey says their gift-opening lasts most of the day, mostly due to the absolutely wild way the family makes sure his mother has plenty. gifts that need to be opened.

Opening presents is fun, and most people enjoy doing it, but McConaughey’s mom, who we know doesn’t care how her son throws out the family’s dirty laundry, may love it more than anyone else, as her actor son recently revealed. On Instagram, this number of gifts is important in the family, especially for mom, so people give pretty wild things to be able to give more to everyone. I’m sure he’s not the only one with such a family.

 I certainly understand the idea that everyone around the Christmas tree should open gifts one at a time so that each gift recipient and giver attracts the attention of the family. There are probably a lot of such families, and depending on the size of your family, this alone can lead to the fact that part of the gifts for Christmas will take a long time, even if it is not necessarily a lot of individual gifts. per person. But when everyone has a lot of gifts, a long hall awaits you.

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey’s mother likes to open gifts so much that people give her a lot of useful things, but not necessarily special. Then they even break up the items to be able to pack more gifts. I don’t want to judge anyone’s Christmas traditions like you, but it might seem a bit excessive. I think someone needs to balance the Christmas of Mila Kunis’ children.

It is pleasant to give Christmas gifts, as well as to receive them. Everyone in the family has people who want a lot of gifts or want to be sure that they have received more than someone else, but there is clearly a point of diminishing returns. If you get a lot of gifts that are just things, that’s not the case. It may be a thought that matters, but there are bad Christmas gifts. Christmas is when we receive gifts that are hopefully meaningful, if not special. I mean, we all need toilet rolls, but if you got one as a Christmas present, wouldn’t you wonder where you went wrong? Dwayne Johnson gives Mom a car, not cotton swabs.

And if this particular gift-giving quirk isn’t something that happens in your family, I’m sure every group around the Christmas tree had their own slightly weird quirks. This is what makes all families unique and, in the end, makes them special. Even Matthew McConaughey laughs with joy at the thought of his mom’s Christmas gifts. Giving Mom Mac random things has become a family tradition. And if she stops getting all these random things, she will probably be very disappointed.


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