Matt Ryan plays in the First quarter: NFS World Reaction – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


Matt Ryan is one of the NFL’s most experienced active quarterbacks.

But when he enters his first season with the Indianapolis Colts, he will have some valuable preseason representatives with his new team.

On Thursday, head coach Frank Reich announced that Ryan will play the entire first quarter of Saturday’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills.

The NFL world reacted to the news on Twitter.

“He needs to play the whole game,” one fan wrote.

“I’m really excited to see Matt Ryan play. If he plays well, the Colts have very few serious flaws,” another said.

“With a backup like Nick Foles, you can afford that risk,” another added.

Ryan arrived in Indianapolis after the Colts made a brilliant deal with his former team, the Atlanta Falcons. The Colts organization walked away from former QB Carson Wentz after just one season, opening the door for a new starting signal.

Ryan is the lock for the Colts’ starting job in 2022. The four-time pro bowler is followed on the Indianapolis QB depth chart by veteran backup Nick Foles and backup options Sam Ellinger and Jack Cohan.

Saturday’s pre-season opening at Haimark Stadium will begin at 16:00 ET.


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