Matt Linz from Miss Marvel Could Be Spider-Man in the MCU


The Walking Dead” star Matt Linz has just officially debuted in the MCU with the long-awaited release of “Miss Marvel” Disney Plus. However, Linz himself recently revealed that he almost got the role of Spider-Man before Tom Holland was cast.

Miss Marvel tells the story of the main character Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey. Kamala identifies as a loner and, as a result, a big fan of superheroes in all aspects. Whether it’s cosplaying her favorite characters for conventions, writing her own fan fiction, or reading comics for hours, Kamala is as much a Marvel fan as the viewers who watch her at home. Kamala struggles to feel like she belongs to her peers because of two different and polarizing cultures, fearing to flaunt her duality in high school, an environment in which there are a lot of stereotypes. Fortunately for Kamala, she is not completely alone. Linz portrays Bruno Carrelli, Kamala’s best friend and partner in crime. According to Insider, when his time in “The Walking Dead” came to an end, he decided to focus all his attention on returning to school.

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However, when he had the opportunity to audition for the role of Miss Marvel, he could not refuse. In fact, “Miss Marvel” was the first show he agreed to audition for after completing the popular AMC drama. Linz had a long-standing dream of joining the Marvel cinematic universe, which began with his audition for the famous role of Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, back in 2015. The “Walking Dead” actor was apparently one of the top three actors. seriously considered for a cult hero, along with Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer.

Obviously, the role went to Holland, who first appeared as Spider-Man in the movie “The First Avenger: Civil War” in 2016. During a recent virtual press conference, Ms. Marvel Linz explained that he doesn’t have bitter feelings about not getting the role, because in the end he was able to get on the MCU stage anyway. Linz even shared that he met Holland on the set of the new popular Marvel series. He stated: “It was cool because one day he came to one of our shootings and I just needed to talk to him. I look up to him in many ways. He’s such a wonderful person and actor. It seems that life has come full circle.”

Although Lintz’s character does not possess any abilities of his own, he possesses a lot of inner knowledge and wisdom that helps Kamala throughout her journey in “Miss Marvel”. In the end, Linz made the difficult decision to postpone returning to school in order to devote all his energy to the show.

“Miss Marvel” is now streaming on Disney Plus.