Matt Leinart blames Alabama vs. Texas Referees: Fan reaction


Refereeing didn’t help Texas in Saturday’s loss to No. 1 Alabama, and Matt Leinart is urging them to do so.

On Sunday, Leinart tweeted that Texas should have won the game, and will regret the mistakes made. But he also stated that the refereeing in the game was terrible.

“Texas should have won that game. They will kick themselves watching this movie. Absolutely will be gutted.

But fans of American football were not completely sure that the refereeing was as bad as Leinart had assumed. They definitely made it clear that there was no bias in favor of Alabama:

Some were amused, they found it funny that Leinart criticized the refereeing in the game against Texas, given his own history of hating the Longhorns:

There were some bad calls in the game to be sure. The fact that there was no safety warning in the scoring zone, instead of which a penalty was awarded in Texas, is likely to haunt the Longhorns for literally several years.

But officials can’t be blamed for the Longhorns being unlucky, either. The loss of starting quarterback Quinn Evers in the first half undoubtedly affected the outcome of the game.

It will be difficult for Texas to get into the Big 12 championship, and Evers will also miss time.

The game could haunt the Longhorns until the end of the 2022 season.


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