Matrix 4: Resurrections Cast Unveils News At CCXP 2021


Matrix 4: CCXP 2021 brought hot news for series and movie fans around the world. Among them, new information about Matrix Resurrections, fourth film in the successful film franchise that began in 1999, with the release of the first feature.

At the panel that ended CCXP 2021, the cast of Matrix 4 made a point of stressing how eager they are for the release of the film, which, in Brazil, takes place on December 22nd.

Each of the stars, including star Keanu Reeves, answered how the new film was produced, how it was adding new characters to the plot, and how they came into contact with the Matrix universe. In addition, there were several trivia and backstage tales.

Keanu Reeves, for example, revealed that Matrix Resurrections will address technology issues in a more modern way than in the first three films. For him, the film will be in perfect harmony with the evolution of technology, showing more of the reality and conflicts that we are currently experiencing.