Matrix 4: Cast Talks About Laurence Fishburne’s Absence from Resurrections


Matrix 4: Among all the elements that made the Matrix a cultural phenomenon, the main trio formed by Neo, Trinity and Morpheus is certainly among the most important. In addition to the chemistry between Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne, they managed to create their characters in an iconic way. Add to that a powerful villain like Hugo Weaving’s agent Smith and you have one of the most relevant films in cinema.

Now, with the release of Matrix Resurrections, the absence of Fishburne and Weaving will certainly be noticed by fans, as it was by the cast. During a recent interview, Reeves was asked about returning to the world of The Matrix without the two actors who helped build that universe. He said he had talked to Lana Wachowski about it, but understood that she still had a story to tell.

“Yes, certainly. I talked to Lana about it…[but] it was just creatively where she wanted to go with the production and the story,” Reeves explained. “Yes, we love Hugo and Lawrence and we think about them all the time.”

Moss also spoke about the absence of the two colleagues and acknowledged that she thought of the two during production.

“It’s hard not to think about them because they’re so much a part of it,” said the actress. “I love them both, and they are such talented and great people. But there was an evolution that happened to Lana with the story, and we’re here serving that, you know?”

Matrix Resurrections is now available in theaters and should be added to the HBO Max catalog soon.