Mathematical Formula of How to Make an Ideal Coffee Explained

Espresso shot pouring out.

Scientists have developed a mathematical formula to prepare the ideal coffee. Scientists note that coffee beans ground in lesser coffee and larger grains will bring out the ideal coffee.

Chemists, mathematicians, material scientists and coffee enthusiasts from 5 countries came together to study on what the ideal coffee should be. The researchers conducted a study to optimize the coffee brewing process made by espresso machines used worldwide. The researchers used 20 grams of ground coffee particles during this process.

During the study, the team looked at the size of the ground coffee bean, the water pressure created by the espresso machine while pumping water into the coffee, the water flow rate, and the amount of coffee entering each brew. To observe how caffeine dissolves from ground coffee by dissolving it, a team of electrochemists created a mathematical model to estimate and test the metrics of different brewing methods.

“If you grind the beans more coarsely, you can have a really great taste.”

As a result of the analysis, the research team calculated the yields of different brewing methods. To calculate this yield, the percentage of the amount of coffee entering the glass as a liquid was calculated. The researchers found that as a result of the analysis, higher yields can be obtained using less coffee and there is no change in flavor.

“If you use 15 grams of coffee instead of 20 grams of coffee and grind the beans more coarsely, you can have a really great taste,” said Christopher Hendon of the University of Oregon, a member of the research team.

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The excellent coffee taste is a personal idea and may vary from person to person. However, using less coffee while brewing coffee will generally save money. Using 15 grams of coffee instead of 20 grams will result in 25 percent less coffee.



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