Matches on Twitch, this is how Football will look the future


Teams like Real Madrid, Arsenal or Juventus turn to the streaming platform to gain followers. Before, it was all on TV, but YouTube came and unknowingly changed the rules of the game with a single word: Streaming. First, Google’s platform, from which YouTubers were born, was in their golden age when in 2011 another live video streaming service emerged, Twitch, which 9 years ago could not even think of matching the YouTube giant, although it progressed so much and so fast that Google wanted to buy it.

Finally acquired by Amazon, today they are rivals, and in fact Twitch is recognized as the largest video game streaming platform in the world, being ideal for e-Sports meetings, ‘speedruns’, concerts, marathons, etc. And why not, even more ‘classic’ sports such as football.

Generation Z does not want soccer

According to a study commissioned by the ECA (European Club Association), the body representing the interests of the professional association of football clubs in UEFA, 40% of respondents aged 16-24 said they had no interest in the football or even that they hated it. Only 37% followed him to support their favorite team, a less strong motivation to “entertain” or “socialize”.

This is not exactly good for a sport the size of Soccer, since if Generation Z does not show interest in it, in the short – medium term it could take its toll on the sport of Football. Precisely for this reason leagues, clubs and even footballers have begun to look for new followers in territories that were unthinkable until a few years ago, such as the streaming platform Twitch, which usually has a calling power of more than 1.5 million viewers of media at any time of the day.

Real Madrid Twitch

If there are footballers who play games, interact with their followers and broadcast them on Twitch, why can’t the big clubs and the big leagues do the same, use the medium to transmit their content? In fact, during the confinement we saw the enormous success of events such as the one that streamer Ibai Llanos organized in March with the Iba FIFA charity tournament, in which a player from each LaLiga team represented his club in virtual video game matches FIFA.

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Italian media Sport & Business had a conversation with Farhan Ahmed, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Twitch, who spoke about his collaboration with the League and the big clubs such as Real Madrid, Psg, Arsenal and Juventus. According to Ahmed, “As the largest live streaming service in the world, Twitch is built for superfans who want to not only experience their passions and the content they love, but also be an active part of it. Therefore,”

“Twitch is a perfect companion for sports. Soccer, in particular, is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Europe, where it has a large following. Through these partnerships, Twitch offers the opportunity to reach out to soccer fans and fans by offering them access to a variety of content. ”

Special football content exclusive to Twitch

The idea of ​​this partnership between renowned clubs and the streaming platform is to exclusively premiere every week “compilations, clips and special programs with players, ambassadors and icons of the League. We will also publish original shows produced by LaLiga North America, which covers the United States, Canada and Mexico. Arsenal, Psg, Juventus will also have unique content ”.

To get an idea of ​​what streaming in general and Twitch in particular can offer to the world of professional football, the French club Olympique de Marseille, which has an official account on Twitch, has had great success broadcasting the preseason matches on Twitch, where they reached more than 100,000 viewers.

For Farhan Ahmed “it is true that Twitch was born mainly as a platform designed for games and e-Sports, but for some time it has been giving space to an increasingly wide range of different content. Our audience is not one-dimensional and uses Twitch to explore all of their passions. Our content mix has evolved a lot: from music to sports, from art to fitness, from fashion to cooking. He thinks that in the last three years the growth of non-gaming content has quadrupled. “


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