Match report: Nottingham Forest 0 – 3 Manchester United


Manchester United beat Nottingham Forest 3-0 in the first leg of the League Cup semi-final.

United started with a bigger pace approach as part of their style of play and Forest showed their strength when they failed to address Fernrazim in the penalty area. Fortunately for the hosts, the United captain could not find a team referee to fight with.

United made a breakthrough in the first five minutes, and by the name of Marcus Rashford, he took the ball in his own half and ran along the left flank, cut through two defenders, conceded a penalty and found a gap at the nearest post. .

Anthony had a chance to look for a few updates or even more to increase the Reds’ score, but he could not keep him in goal.

On the other end and on another transfer, Sarridge was given the opportunity, but it would be an empty block and an exit to the corner.

Anthony again opened the passage, but could not appear in the fold.

Little state followed Forest’s goal when he was won by a corner, but defended United where he handled it, which took him away from being dropped at the back post.

During the game, Forest compared Saraja and Gibbs-White to the prestigious one, but, fortunately for the guest, this was ruled out due to offside.

One of them now Forest’s tails have been raised, and belongs only to rinulis forward, and Martinez was played with a header to prevent a goal. A corner followed, and after De Gea struck, Scarpa struck a side kick from the summer, which led to the United defense to make an outstanding save.

Skarpanova demonstrated her potential by driving Van Bisaka up the pace and striking a blow that De Gea applied to strangle. It would be a quiet period with the home sides, and United will help keep that prevailing if they cannot appear in a little ray to control the games.

Johnson blaster ran, with an easily accessible seating Martinez, but after all this work he was lined up all or all on the spot in space!

On the other line, United’s leading game took Anthony out one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but she surrendered with a vajna block to weed out Brazil, which is at a later time.

The “Forest” salting was voiced by the beam team, ” United ” managed to dial. Casemiro Nashel Anthony on the edge of the stanza dam, in the center of the gate. He controlled the ball and struck from the summer, and it was a great save by the goalkeeper, but he ended up on for Weghorst, who was stopped and scored his first goal for the club.

In the second half of the chance, the postman introduced himself to Surridge, but, much to the relief of the traveling fans, De Gea was not bothered.

Anthony pulled someone’s certificate away from himself, where he became a Weghorst, who craved everything for a second, but McKenna despised him.

Only Forest still didn’t give up when Johnson plotted through a mass of defenders, but Lindelof made a brilliant interception.

It would have been the end at the end when Eriksen was looking at the crossbar, and Rashford followed him from half-time, but the goalkeeper kept the ball.

United struggled with Forest’s speed, and Gibbs-White was in the perfect position, but he was removed from the distance, fortunately, did not hit the target.

The intensity is a bit of skill with the base of the subwoofers with both moans.

Pellister came onto the field and knocked down a certain Williams with us outside the bar, but, fortunately for United, the shot hit the goal and the guest defender.

She redeemed herself moments later when she entered the happy with mint, but in time just got ahead of her.

Pellistri was turned on all over this region again after he made a bestiary run, Williams thought he had handled it, but he sent him into the path of Elangi, who revised him to Fernadez, who left so that three could make it.

Team: De Gea, Van Bisaka, Lindelof, Martinez, Malasia, Casemiro, Eriksen (Fred, 71), Anthony (Pellistri, 71), Fernandes, Rashford (Garnacho, 57), Weghorst (Elanga, 85)


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