Match Report: Leicester City – Manchester United 0:1


Manchester United beat Leicester City 1-0 away in the WSL.

Leicester had their first chance, but it was easy prey for Earps.

United had an opportunity from a free kick. It was a good serve, but Garcia’s header lacked strength, and the goalkeeper held it well.

Blundell found herself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but the shot was deflected.

Leicester made some good runs, but United’s defence coped with them.

Parris had a stroke, but he missed.

But the attack of the Reds was not enough. Their chances were only half, and their passing was too slow.

After Parris was held up, United won a free kick to the center just outside the penalty area, but Zelem could not bring her down.

The free kick was won by Galton after about half an hour on the clock, and Zelem’s serve was excellent for Parris to get to the end and find the net, making the score 1-0.

A few moments later, Garcia made a fantastic breakthrough, but her canopy was intercepted by the Foxes.

Blundell, who was playing with a small kick, was caught in possession and that opened the door for Leicester, but luckily for the Reds, they struck too early and he had no power when he reached Earps.

United were nowhere near as good as last weekend as they played at a slow pace and got trapped a couple of times.

Leicester’s free kick could have caused trouble for the Reds, but Earps was collecting money.

The second half began, and the guests demanded more from their side. Meanwhile, Leicester from the bottom of the league were eager to get the first point.

A nervous moment occurred when Erps tried to play the goalkeeper, but her takeaway ricocheted off a Leicester player.

Corner to Leicester, and Earps was forced to make a fantastic save to her left, but Leicester were coming!

Mary Earps of England celebrates

Skinner has made some much-needed changes to try to give momentum to the team. Williams was close shortly after entering the field, but her shot was tame and the goalkeeper deflected a shot to her right.

Torisdottir was playing a dangerous game as her passing accuracy was poor and her teammates were trying to get the ball back.

For no reason at all, a chance opened up for United, a bad pass from their goalkeeper allowed Williams to pounce, she passed to Thune, but a good block sent her to the corner.

A misunderstanding between Erps and its defenders almost led to a goal for the Foxes, but fortunately they could not knock the ball out from under their feet, and a foul was committed on the United defender.

When the final whistle sounded, the fans breathed a sigh of relief. United remains at the top with Arsenal.

Team: Earps, Torisdottir, Blundell (Thomas, 60), Le Tissier, Turner, Zelem, Thune, Garcia (Williams, 61), Parris, Staniforth (Ladd, 61), Galton


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