Match report: Fulham 1 – 2 Manchester United


Manchester United beat Fulham in the Premier League in dramatic style.

It was Fulham who ran the best in the first ten minutes.

Rashford connected well with Martial, who struck, but the Fulham goalkeeper knocked him aside.

Nevertheless, it was Eriksen who made the breakthrough for the Reds when the midfielders combined for a brilliant team goal. When Fernandes equalized, Eriksen slipped forward and found the net.

Fulham tried to match up and forced De Gea to make a couple of saves. Wilson was the one who caused United the most problems.

Martial had another good chance and his shot almost slipped when the goalkeeper slowed down, but the ball seeped under his body, but fortunately for Fulham, the goalkeeper tried to pounce on him.

A few moments later, Martial’s head flew over the crossbar.

During the break, Eriksen had a chance to make the score two, but his shot, which he ran into, went past the post.

In the second half, Elanga had his first chance, and when the goalkeeper deflected his shot from close range, he pushed it into the path of Rashford, whose shot was just past.

On the other hand, De Gea was forced to make a great save as Fulham had the best chance of the game. The Spaniard reacted with lightning speed to a shot from close range and threw the ball over the crossbar.

Unfortunately for the Reds, ex-United star Daniel James returned to haunt his old club as United were caught in possession and the defenders failed to track the time. Fulham rushed down the flank and, in the style of Eriksen, James burst into the attack to get past De Gea, who gained the advantage but could not hold on.

Fulham were fighting for all three points, and Paligny’s acrobatic trick was too close to De Gea.

Garnacho’s performance excited the away fans, and when he lost the ball in the penalty area, the fans shouted for a penalty, but it was rejected.

Lindelof was called into action late when Fulham launched a counterattack that he needed to stop. It was a nervous moment when they gave a corner, but fortunately it didn’t bother De Gea.

When three minutes of compensated time followed, it was Garnacho who saved Manchester United when he connected with Eriksen with the score 1: 2, and his speed allowed him to get past the defenders in the penalty area and get into the far corner.

It was almost the last kick of the game as United went into the World Cup break with a win.

Team: de Gea, Martinez, Lindelof, Malasia, Shaw, Eriksen, Casemiro, Fernandes, Rashford, Elanga (McTominay, 55), Martial (Garnacho, 73)


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