Match Report: Arsenal – Manchester United 2:3


Manchester United beat league leader Arsenal at the Emirates in front of more than 40,000 spectators in an energetic and intense football game.

United attacked well in the first half, Lea Galton made some good runs through the center, but they could not realize their opportunities.

After a good spurt by Parris and Thune, Galton, surrounded by a defender, blocked the shot, and the ball went to the corner. Le Tissier’s header flew right over the crossbar.

Arsenal had good possession and put pressure on United’s defence and goalkeeper Mary Earps when they lost the ball trying to force the backline to make a mistake.

Zelem brilliantly switched the ball, making room for United to attack on the flanks.

Parris had a great opportunity to make the score 1-0, but her shot from the edge of the court in the 25th minute caught a deflection and flew over the crossbar.

Although United played well, you could see how Arsenal could easily get behind the defence and create chances with one or two good passes.

Arsenal got into the game after about half an hour and you got the feeling that, as with Chelsea, even though they were the better team in the first half, they would eventually regret not taking their chances.

After a break of about ten minutes, United came back to them, and this time they took their chance! A beautiful through pass from Russo to Ladd, who hung it in the penalty area. A mistake in her positioning distracted the Zinsburger from her target, leaving her wide open for Thune.

Hayley Ladd played a really great game, defending resolutely while Arsenal tried to find a way to equalize before the break. Arsenal scored just once in the first half.

In the first minute of the second half, Arsenal equalized. The defense just didn’t close Maanum, when she picked him up in her own half and ran with him, her shot was deflected and looped on Earps, who was angry at his defenders, and that’s right!

United immediately tried to win back. A short pass back to Zinsburger almost allowed Russo to sneak in, but the goalkeeper read it well.

A few moments later Zelem struck, but did not hit the target and did not bother the goalkeeper.

It was becoming an audacious game, and after an unpleasant challenge with Parris, United coach Mark Skinner found himself in the book for his angry reaction.

United simply could not defend, and Arsenal, who dominated the second half, got their second when Winreuther perfectly handled McCabe’s shot.

What was it about Chelsea, Arsenal and City? It seems that United are just falling apart compared to the top three, the top three that they are trying to destroy and break through this year.

But wait, a penalty for United and Katie Zelem’s serve found Millie Turner with her head, she hit the bottom of the crossbar and bounced over the line!

In the 90th minute, United almost took the lead, but Garcia’s shot was deflected by Zinsburger. Moments later, Thomas forced her to make another great save with a shot from six yards.

A corner in favor of Manchester United followed, Zelem again filed into the penalty area and this time he hit Rousseau’s head, and the guests again led the score!

The delight of the players, who almost could not believe how they had changed the situation, and the glee on the sidelines when those sitting on the bench jumped to their feet.

With seven minutes of compensated playing time turned into ten, the job wasn’t done yet as the Reds dug deep as a team to hold on to victory.

When the final whistle blew, Skinner jumped up with delight again, as his team proved that they could not only beat the league leaders, but could also come from behind and take points away from the previously unbeaten London team.

Team: Earps, Blundell, Turner, Le Tissier, Batl, Zelem, Ladd, Thune, Russo, Galton (Garcia, 72), Parris (Thomas, 80)


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