Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia – Will season 2 roll out on Netflix?


Masters of the Universe: Fans of classic animations from the 1980s were awarded, this Friday (23), the debut of Mestres do Universo: Salvando Eternia, on Netflix.

The production brings several characters already known to the public, such as He-Man, once again in the spotlight. But after the release of the first five episodes, is it possible for a 2nd season for animation to happen? Most likely, the answer will be: yes!

While Netflix hasn’t officially commented on the matter, let’s think about some clues that show why the series will get more episodes in the future.

One of the main ones, in this sense, concerns the continuity of the narrative, considering that the season finale ends very abruptly, needing a continuation to make sense.

In addition, other series were also released on the streaming giant in this same exhibition format, with five initial episodes and receiving more a few months later. Given these circumstances, new adventures should happen again very soon involving Eternia’s magic.

What to expect from season 2 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation?


During Season 1, He-Man must face several bloody and action-packed challenges. For this reason, fans were divided over the episodes having a very frantic and explosive charge, sharing their positions over the internet.

As a reminder, in the season finale, Skeletor ended up claiming the secrets of Castle Grayskull for himself, making things even more dangerous for the main hero. However, in the final moments of the episode, viewers watched something unexpected, which culminated in great uncertainty regarding the villain’s future.

It is possible that, during Season 2, the threat is even more powerful, considering that, with the defeat of certain characters, the path may be easier for their sovereignty to be recognized. But there is still hope, especially as Tri-Klops is likely to turn against Skeletor’s sorcery, as some clues have shown.


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