Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia – Fans complain about the series’ plot



Masters of the Universe: This Friday (23), Netflix debuted the animated series Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia (Masters of the Universe: Revelation, in the original). However, despite high expectations for the release of the first five episodes, many fans of the classic original story used social media to complain about the production’s plot.

Introducing the hero He-Man in a new adventure, other magical warriors also appear in the narrative, in addition to the return of the villain Skeleton. Although there are several extremely interesting and frantic action sequences, there are still some details that didn’t captivate the audience, especially the plot twist that sets the tone to the series.

The truth is that, in animation, the beloved He-Man appears little and has a very brief participation, directing the story to other points and characters. See what some fans posted on social media about the plot change:

While the first episode looks a lot like something the classic series could have fully produced in the 1980s, events unfold at a different pace.

Even though it continued with surprising and consistent episodes, the most assiduous viewers of the original cartoon noticed some flaws and used the Rotten Tomatoes website to rate the production.

According to the platform, until the production of this text, the series had only 27% approval among users. However, in contrast to this, critics who rated the work of Netflix add 94% approval, highlighting some evident qualities of the 1st season.


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