Mastercard will adopt cryptocurrencies on the network


Payment technology company Mastercard confirmed on Wednesday (10) that it will start supporting some cryptocurrencies. As of 2021, the company will start to adopt certain modalities directly from the network itself.

According to the official statement, Mastercard will not force users to adopt a particular cryptocurrency, but will offer the choice.

The idea is to expand the existing options for transactions between customers and sellers, increasing the ways of sending, storing and receiving money. The main difference is that the company’s own network will be used in the processes.


The company says it has noticed an increase in the movement of transactions from clients directed to brokers – an action that makes sense with the recent increase in the price of bitcoin and the appreciation of currencies that operate in parallel, such as Ethereum. Even companies like Tesla are excited: the automaker recently bought $ 1.5 billion in bitcoins.

At the beginning of operations, not all cryptocurrencies will be accepted, focusing on those that are more stable and regulated. To formalize the adoption, Mastercard claims that the work will be great, but several principles and protocols will be followed so that everything goes smoothly.


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