Master Analyst’s Tezos Comment: Will Follow Chainlink


Tezos (XTZ) increased by 5.98% in the last 24 hours. According to Analyst Biraajmaan Tamuly, the market indicators for the asset are contradictory as Tezos has begun to bear the downward trend in Awesome Oscillator. However, the MACD continues to show an upward trend when the blue line hovers over the red line.

While the transaction volume of Tezos is $ 208 million, its market value is $ 2.34 billion. XTZ was trading at $ 3.18 at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency completely got rid of the collapse that occurred 2 days ago with this value.

Popular analyst Crypto Michael stated that XTZ can attack $ 4. The analyst said:

“The support was held and we went up seriously. We will see if it will hold on at $ 3 and / or $ 3.12. From there, I think we will attack $ 4. ”

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