Master Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) Rise Can Not Block Popular Altcoin’s Giant Rally


Cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten expects a bull run to take place for altcoins.

“Popular Altcoin Is On The Verge Of A Big Rally”
Merten, who made evaluations in the last YouTube section of Datadash, said that Chainlink (LINK), an Ethereum-based token, is on the verge of a parabolic rally. The analyst explained these thoughts as follows:

The most important reason for me to think this way is to experience a process similar to the first stage of the 2017 rally, the biggest bull season ever. Certain altcoins will lead this rally. And I expect Chainlink to be among the first to showcase and gain great value.

Chainlink managed to climb above the resistance range. The only problem now is whether this trend will continue. Even if the chainlink volume is experiencing a large increase, what I expect to see is that it continues to increase.

Merten thinks that the price of Bitcoin will not affect the altcoin season. The analyst is of the opinion that the altcoin season is coming, where we will witness parabolic rises even if the price of Bitcoin rises.


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