Massive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex Leak Reveals Designs, Types and More


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were one of the generations filled with rumors and leaks lately, perhaps because Game Freak and Pokemon Company gave less than usual. For example, despite the fact that four new trailers have been released over two dates, only 12 new Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet have been confirmed at the moment.

All rumors and leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but many turned to two figures in the community: Riddler Hu and Kaka. Both turned out to be correct in quite a few details of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, although, as with any leak, there were one or two details that escaped. However, now it seems that the entire Pokedex has leaked online.

According to several leaders, there are 109 new Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (which makes the limited disclosure of 12 even more amazing). In total, there are 80 new Pokemon, 4 “regional fakes”, 5 cross-gene evolutions, 14 Paradox forms (7 ancient for Pokemon Scarlet, 7 Future for Pokemon Violet, 2 potentially limited DLC) and four common regional forms. According to Centroleaks, there is now even a website listing these 109 new Pokemon with various details, such as their types, based on information from reliable sources. Fans can check out the website at the link below.

It should be noted that there are placeholders for some of the most mysterious Pokemon, as well as for some Pokemon that have not yet been printed from the leaders, but, nevertheless, this is the most all-consuming look at the new Pokemon Paldean. Another detail worth noting is that none of the undisclosed Pokemon forms shown here is an official image, but instead is fan art based on descriptions of these Pokemon given by various leaders. However, if the details are even close, this generation seems particularly exciting.

Perhaps some of the outstanding ones are the evolution of Danspars, the gender evolution of Lechonka, the Pokemon grasshopper, the regional fake Tentacruel, the new evolution of Bisharp, Salamens in ancient form and Tyrannitar in the form of the future. Of course, that’s the beauty of Pokemon. Every creature is someone’s pet, and that doesn’t seem to change with this new generation. We hope that official details about these Pokemon will appear soon, since such details are already being distributed on the Internet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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